The War On Cheesesteaks: Pat’s Vs. Geno’s

The War on Cheesesteaks: Pat's vs Geno's

In Baltimore, a person orders a Philly Cheesesteak…

In Boca Raton, a person orders a Philly Cheesesteak…

In Philly, a person orders a Cheesesteak…

In cities across the country, people order a Philly cheesesteak when in Philly, you order just a cheesesteak. Cheesesteaks originated and gained fame in South Philly.

Philly’s esteemed Cheesesteaks are comprised of thinly chop rib-eye meat, on a long, soft roll typically supplied by Armoroso and cheese, either American, Provolone or cheese whiz. While this is the usual base cheesesteak, common additions are onions, peppers, mushrooms, ketchup, etc. As the cheesesteak gained popularity among Philadelphians, people began to create variations of the original such as the chicken cheesesteak or a pizza steak.    


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While cheesesteaks have stormed across the country, they are not quite the same as the ones you find in Philly. If you want to do it right, head down to where East Passyunk Ave meets Wharton Ave and 9th Street in South Philly. This three-way intersection is home to, arguably, two of best cheesesteaks creators, Pat’s and Geno’s.

Pat’s King of the Steaks

  • Pat Olivieri began a modest hot dog stand in 1930. One day he
    switched out his hot dog for chopped meat and the cheesesteak was created! 

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Geno’s Steaks Philadelphia Original

  • In 1966, local Joey Vento opened up a place selling hot dogs and
    cheesesteaks. Neighboring joints predicted it would close within six months,
    but there were wrong about Joey and his steak sandwiches.

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After Geno’s Steaks opened across the street from rival, Pat’s, the creator of the cheesesteak, cheesesteaks quickly became synonymous with Philly. Both joints are open twenty-four hours and seven days a week which only intensifies the rivalry. Besides, what’s the City of Brotherly Love without a little healthy competition?

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  • Curt Keyes

    See the #phillycheesesteak tour in Philadelphia. It’s a great way for non locals to get Philly history and sample cheesesteaks from a variety of places.

  • Jim Sterrett

    ive never had a real philly cheesesteak. i will have to take a road trip one of these days

  • Rickey Brown

    Born and raised in Philadelphia for 40 years and had cheesesteaks from dozens of places. Both of these establishments are gross. They just tourist attractions. If you want a real good steak goto Max’s on broad and eerie or any of the Jim’s locations.

    • Laura

      love Jim’s 🙂 <3