Tycho Brought the Summer Vibes to Philly

Photos and recap provided by Sang Nguyen

Led by Scott Hansen, Tycho is an electronic, ambient band reigning from San Francisco. Unlike most electronic groups, Tycho focuses on an organic style of sounds, which is exhibited through their memorizing live show. Drawing their creativity from everyday human dialect rather than creating the stereotypical synths most are accustomed to. The group is now most notably known for their latest and fourth studio album, Epoch; which was released last December. The album even received a nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the Grammy’s this past year. Now they are finishing up their album tour right before a slew of festival stops such as Coachella a few weeks back. The historic Electric Factory, in downtown Philadelphia, was lucky enough to book these guys for an unforgettable live experience for all in attendance.

I had never heard of Tycho before coming to this concert. After hearing from a friend recommendation that I should try to listen to their music, I decided to check the event out. I was expecting a very loud and maniac music style because I heard they were DJ’s so my first instinct was to expect the generic DJ set. When the group came onto the stage everybody started screaming so loud and was so hyped. I immediately thought that this is going to be exactly what I expected it to be. Luckily enough, I was in for an absolute treat.

As the band began to play I soon enough found out that I was dead wrong. It was neither crazy or loud. Their style was very chilled out and had a summer-like vibe to it. Their songs were very relaxing and reminisced of a show enjoy the good time at the event with your love one. I was so into it even though the style of music they played wasn’t my forte. Every song they played put me in such a good mood, it was so uplifting. It was like they were taking me to a wonderland that I had never been to before. I’m super excited for their upcoming release and whatever they have in store next.  It is clear that every song of theirs has a deeper and meaningful message to it.

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