Last Friday Night, the Church of House music was brought to the Electric Factory courtesy of French House DJ’s Tchami and Malaa. The Parisian artist have come together on an eleven stop tour for their highly anticipated co-headlining tour “No Redemption”. Although the two artist have two distinct styles and sounds, the duo have collaborated in their upcoming EP as they combine both their talents as they represent House music and discover a whole sounds of their own.

As my group of friends and I walk through the entrance, we immediately began to feel the bass of the music course through our bodies. We stepped to the bar as we snuck in a few last minute drinks while we eagerly awaited to see the Church of House Music meet the Streets of House Music in an epic back to back collaboration between Tchami and Malaa. Having seen both of these artist within the past year the The Trocodero, I knew going in that the duo does not hold back when they step behind the decks. The one thing I was not sure of though, was how the duos production would look when they perfomed side by side.

Well, It did not take long until I found out how this performance would look like once the stage was set. As soon as Tchami and Malaa get set behind their own set of CDJs the lights begin to illuminate the backdrops ever so slightly as they start of the night with “Prophecy”. Once the bass and drums kicked in you finally start to realize the stage has been divided into two distinct settings. On the left you saw Tchami’s signature Cathedral of House Music with a Holy Goblet next to his decks. Then on the right you see Malaa’s signature Urban/Steet style expressed as a dirty street alleyway covered in graffiti and a 40 oz covered in a brown bag next to his decks.

As the night continued not only did they play some new songs off their collab EP like “The Sermon” and “Summer 99”. The duo also took turns going back and forth as each threw down some of their own signature tracks like Malaa’s “Diamonds” and Tchami’s  “Adieu”. Feeding off the crowd energy the French duo put on an electrifying performance. Track after track the crowded continued to lose it for every drop. I guess that is what happens when you throw a party somewhere in between the a church and the street. These guys are no joke when it comes to House music and expect them to thrown down some impressive performances once Ultra 2018 comes around. Until then make sure you stay on the lookout for their new collaborative EP.

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