Rooster Soup Co.: Cooking for a Cause in Philadelphia

Rooster Soup Co. is is the first not-for-profit restaurant of its kind and certainly lives up to its motto of, “Eat Well Do Right.” The restaurant is a member of the CookNSolo Restaurant group, brought to you by James Beard award winning chef Michael Solomonov and partner Steve Cook.

Rooster Soup Co. partners with the Hospitality Collaborative sector of Broad Street Minstry, a non-profit organization that provides community meals and social services to those in need. One hundred percent of the profits earned go directly to support local civilians in need through this BSM Hospitality Collaborative. You can read more about Broad Street Ministry HERE.

Each week, the spare chicken parts from Federal Donuts, another CookNSolo establishment, are turned into a broth that becomes the base of the soups at Rooster Soup Co.

Don’t expect a soup kitchen – Rooster Soup Co. is a full service restaurant. When patrons walk in, they are greeted by a host and are served a full meal prepared by a professional chef. The restaurant’s general manager John Nicolo describes the establishment as one that, “does everything a normal restaurant does,” while also making, “charitable acts such as voting with your money seem easy just by coming in and having lunch.”

The menu at Rooster Soup Co. features, you guessed it, soup! Salads, sandwiches, home-style dinners, pies and milkshakes also make up the menu. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday, and a Late Night Breakfast Karaoke takes place on the last Saturday of every month. Give their matzo ball soup and Yemenite chicken pot pie a try!Rooster Soup Co.

The interior of the restaurant has an old school diner type of vibe to it, with stools at the countertop, booths and tiled floors. The environment is warm and welcoming, and the staff will greet you with a genuine smile.

“But is the food good?,” you may be asking yourself. We challenge you not to salivate at these foodporn photos from their Instagram page. And if you’re still not convinced, try it for yourself! The proceeds go to a worthwhile cause.