New Year's Eve Do's and Dont's

With a little research and a lot of experience from past NYE partying, we’ve put together a list of the best Do’s and Don’ts for celebrating New Years Eve 2017! Check them out before heading out for NYE!


Reserve Your Tickets Early
Every New Year’s there is the classic scramble for tickets. Whether you couldn’t decide which party to go to, or you’re friends plans kept changing, if you wait to the last week you’re stuck paying twice as much for a ticket you could’ve gotten weeks ago. The first “do” on our list is to reserve your tickets early! It may seem impossible but get those friends together, make a plan, and stick to it. By reserving early, you’ll have piece of mind and a ton more cash in your pocket for that night!

Get A Big Group of Friends Together
New Years Eve is always best spent with friends, whether your single or taken, having everyone you like the most in one place to count down to the new year is the best! We know schedules can be tough to match up and there may be some traveling involved, but we promise everything will be worth it as you’re all together when the ball drops!

Snack Before
We know you want to fit into that tight sparkly dress and those extra fitted dress pants you had made especially for the occasion, but snacking before a long night of open bars, champagne toasts, and ripping celebratory shots, is the best way to ensure you won’t be the one they’re carrying out of the bar around 11:15pm while the rest of your friends party the night away.

Fully Charge Your Cell Phone
These days we use our phones for everything…especially when there’s a party! Make sure your phone is fully charge before the night starts. That way you wont miss out on any “Happy New Year’s” texts, group photos (and posting them to social media), or needing to call your friends because you’ve lost them for the 3rd time. This will be a New Years you’ll want to remember and you can’t do that if your phone is dead the whole night!

Carry Cash, Credit, and Your ID
This “do” is probably one of the more important ones on the list to pay attention to. Most venues will accept Credit, but just in case they don’t, bring some cash as a back-up. Cash is also good for leaving a quick tip or paying your friend’s back for a drink, when you’re all in a rush to get back to the party. Bouncers will want to check your ID, that’s just a given, so “do” bring that with you.

Make Sure you Have a Safe Ride Home
The final “do” on our list is the most important one. Having a great New Year’s Eve full of drinking, eating, and partying with friends means nothing if you don’t make it home safely. Decide at the beginning of the night what your plan will be. Whether it’s taking a cab or Uber home or having a designated driver pick you up, make sure no one is driving while intoxicated. Trust us, getting home safely will be the best way to end your night and start a new year!



Pre-Game Too Hard
We know part of the fun for any party is the pre-game. They give everyone an opportunity to get-together and have a few drinks to loosen up before the big night. But don’t over-do it, pace yourself. New Years Eve is known for hours of open bars, and that means free drinks all night; no limits! No need to pre-game that hard when the drinks are free all night! Plus you want to make it to midnight and you can’t do that if you’re being carried out at 11:15pm for being too intoxicated!

Leave Your Drink Unattended
Keep your drink with you at all times. If you’re not spending the night in with friends you’re most likely headed to a large party with a few people you know and the rest strangers. Even though we’d like to see the best in people, you can’t trust everyone. Be safe and watch your drink.

Yell or be Rude to Staff
We know that with everyone going out for New Years Eve the lines into the venues and up to the bar can be extremely long and frustrating to wait in. Whatever you do, keep your cool around the staff: bouncers and bartenders especially. Bouncers control the door and if you get in their face or piss them off they have all the right to keep you from the party, even their manager will back them up. They are the door keepers, don’t make them mad. Same goes for the Bartenders. You impatiently waving your cash or credit card in their face won’t make them serve you any quicker. In fact it may make you last in line for a drink.

Wear Clothing you’d Hate Getting Dirty or Ruined
Everyone wants to look nice on New Year’s Eve, that’s a given. Whether it’s something sparkly, strappy, or custom made just for the evening, make sure you wouldn’t mind if your outfit got spilled on or dirty. The mix of large crowds, drinking, and dancing always has the capacity to end in spills, stains, and slip-ups. So look good, feel good, but think about wearing an outfit you may not ever want to wear again. Kind of like that bridesmaid dress that got lost in your closet post wedding.

Wear Uncomfortable Shoes
Unless you’ve purchased a ticket that includes reserved seating or table service, chances are you’ll be standing all night. Well, standing, walking, and dancing all night. And that can take a toll on your feet, especially when the shoes you’ve chosen for the night are super uncomfortable. So go for a nice medium between comfort and flare. Wear those flashy shoes but make sure you put some extra effort into making them as comfortable as they can be.


Additional Tips and Tricks:

Beware of the coat check – though good in theory, coat checks can become a disaster. Keep your valuables with you and make sure you receive a number or some identification matching you with your coat!

Know your game plan ahead of time – there’s no such thing as too much planning for New Years Eve. Things always go wrong so have a back-up plans too!

Always go for the party with an open bar and free food – Drinking and eating are the best parts about NYE, don’t pay extra for them when there are tons of parties including both in the full ticket price.

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