Marian Hill, this electro-pop duo, has gained a lot of attention recently especially with their song “Down” being such a hit

When I found out I was covering Marian Hill I was so hype. This electro-pop duo has gained a lot of attention recently, especially with their song “Down” being such a hit. I’ve been listening to some of their older songs for a little bit now, so going in as a fan already made it even more exciting. Upon arrival at the Theatre of Living Arts, I noticed the line to get in was down the block, proving I was one of many fans. The packed interior of the venue validated even further the success of this duo. It took me a hot minute to push my way toward the pit where I found a ton of other photographers. Clearly this was the show to be at.

Marian Hill consists of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol. Along with them on their tour was saxophonist/guitarist, Steve Davit. To start off, I need to praise this man really quick. Throughout the sets, Steve took the spotlight with his stellar guitar solos. Every time he stepped forward the crowd went wild. Steve stole a few hearts this night, mine included.

Now to Marian Hill. This duo has mastered a unique mix of jazz, pop and blues with their smooth sounds paired with sharp accents. Gongol’s soft voice perfectly complements what Lloyd brings to the stage. The duo played their popular songs such as “Down”, “Got it” and “One Time” as well as some new ones for the fans. Philadelphia brought the love, and to make the night even more special, it was the hometown show for the duo. There was so much love felt that they performed encores of their popular songs at the end. I hope Marian Hill felt this and that they come back again very soon. It was a soothing, yet exciting concert and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this rising duo.