Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett happened to be attending a Madeon concert together back in 2012. Though the two attended high school together in Chicago, they were not the closest of friends. Both were self-absorbed with producing their own music and never had any thoughts of working together. But something clicked between the two while they were both at this show. Soon enough after, the duo formed and Louis the Child was born.

It was not until 2015, however, that the group really began to pick up traction. Thanks to their hit single “It’s Strange” with incredible vocals from K. Flay. This is when the buzz really began to grow around this young and dynamic duo. Taylor Swift even recognized the track and added it to one of her own public playlists. Other electronic acts were soon realizing that this youthful duo had something special about them. The Chainsmokers as well as Madeon, funny enough, would welcome the two to open up for them on their respective tours. Both being such giants in the genre which Louis the Child was gearing their music towards; fans were quickly able to pick up on the group’s music. Not to mention how relatable they felt to Robby and Freddy just being kids like themselves.

2016, was a massive year for the two. Releasing their biggest singles to date, “Weekend” and “Fire”, had the group being booked by every major festival on the circuit. I remember seeing them for the first time back at Firefly in 2016. They had an extremely early set time but their stage was jammed pack with fans waiting to sing along to their big hits. This is exactly where Louis the Child has prospered. Their unique style of future bass mixed with pop vocals has become a recipe for success. Just look at the radio today. Every single electronic dance song uses the formula in which Louis the Child has successfully found a niche in. Converting a future bass tune into a radio-friendly anthem with lyrics that anyone can feel comfortable singing along to.

Currently the two are embarking on their largest headlining tour to date. The Last To Leave Tour celebrates their latest EP, Love is Alive, as well as tons of unreleased music the duo has in store for their fans. Tickets are still available HERE, but hurry! This show will certainly sell out soon.