Hippie Sabotage is Bringing the Good Vibes to Philly

Have no plans tomorrow night? Well the electronic brother duo out of California, Hippie Sabotage, are bringing their West Coast vibes to Philly. Come on down to the Trocadero in downtown Chinatown for what is sure to be a psychedelic experience. Tickets are still available RIGHT HERE!

Brothers, Kevin and Jeff Saurer, make up the duo better known as Hippie Sabotage from Sacramento. The group got their start back in the mid 2000’s producing beats primarily for Chicago rappers like Alex Wiley. As the group began to gain momentum, they started focusing more on perfecting and crafting their own sound. In 2014, the group finally broke through with a massive remix of Tove Lo‘s hit single, “Stay High“. The remix was supported by pop star, Ellie Goulding, as she posted a photo of the remix on her Instagram page. From there, the track soared up the iTunes charts to the top 10. To think that it was at this time that these two were living out the back of their own car. Now, 3 EP releases later and a plethora of new music has turned these two into household names in the electronic genre.

Currently embarking on their Chasing the Wild Tour across the country, Hippie Sabotage has been selling out venues left and right. When asking fans to describe their music the first words that come to mind are “enlightened, spiritual music and dangerous AF”. While many tracks will having you in a trance just grooving and vibing out. Others will bring up the intensity with heavy trap-esq beats and Hip-Hop samples. Their songs are fairly unconventional for the electronic genre. Although many feature a similar BPM (Beats Per Minute), they do not necessarily contain the big drop that many await for. Their individuality is undoubtedly refreshing as we are definitely looking forward to this one. Hope to see you there!