Since 2015, when Tanner Petulla, better known as Getter, signed onto Skrillex’s label OWSLA, he’s been quickly climbing up the ladder in the edm scene. His style has evolved from from aggressive basslines to a blend of beats, reverb and bass. His Allegiance EP kicked off his career, with the song “Headsplitter” hitting 1.5 million views on Youtube.

From there it was huge festivals and US tours for this San Jose native. Of course I can’t talk about Getter without mentioning his past Vine (R.I.P.) presence. Neither could the audience at the Philadelphia show for his Big Mouth Tour this past Thursday, held at Union Transfer. While anxiously waiting for Getter to take the stage, there were many ‘Suh Dude’s, his infamous saying, thrown around. The crowd was extra hype, making for some great energy in the room.

Once Getter got on stage he didn’t waste any time. The headbanging and dancing commenced. Playing some of his popular songs such as his remix of “Fried Noodles” by Pink Guy, and of course, “Headsplitter“. Getter kept the crowd’s energy high. He threw in a few new songs which got everyone really pumped. Getter recently mentioned the release of some new music soon on his Facebook page, so that may have sparked this Big Mouth tour. It was a high energy night filled with grimey beats, hard hitting basslines, and of course the obligatory Wall of Death. I can only imagine Getter’s career going up from here, so I’m excited to see what else he has in store for us. Be on the lookout for some new music of his dropping soon.